Exchange Program Information


The University of Hyogo welcomes international students from our partner universities! As a university open to the world, we welcome students from various backgrounds and countries. In order to create an environment where international exchange can naturally take place, we are keen to invite exchange students.


※This page applies to the Inter-University Student Agreements only.

General Information/基本情報

Name of University: University of Hyogo
Name of the Office: Institute for International Relations
Head Quarter Address:8-2-1 Gakuennishi-machi Nishi-ku, Kobe,
Hyogo, JAPAN, Post code 651-2197
Telephone number:+81-78-794-6618
Fax number:+81-78-794-5575

大学名: pt电子游戏_pt老虎机平台-下载*官网
本部住所:〒651-2197 兵庫県神戸市西区学園西町 8-2-1

Academic Calendar/学年暦

1st semester: From the beginning of April to the early August (including the exam period).
2nd semester: From the beginning of October to the mid-February (including the exam period).
※ GBC(Global Business Course) starts around at September 20th.

Class schedules vary from year to year.
Basically, classes are not held on Sat. Sun., and public holidays.



Application Procedures for Partner Universities/交換留学の応募に関して

  • How to apply/応募方法
    • Information concerning exchange programs’applications will be sent to the coordinator in charge at our partner school twice a year. We will send “Information Sheet” and other application documents, and announce the deadline for the application.
    • Information will be provided around July to August for the acceptance for the 1st semester. For the 2nd semester, it will be around January to February.
    • University of Hyogo cannot respond to requests from students or third parties, so students who are interested in applying must request the information through their home universities.
    • If you have any questions, please contact us by email
    • Our academics information
    • 交換留学受入れに関する情報は年に2回、こちらより協定校の担当者にInformation Sheetを送付し、応募書類の締切等の連絡をいたします。
    • (前期の受入に関しては前年7~8月頃、後期は1~2月頃に情報提供予定)
    • 応募希望の学生は必ず協定校担当者を通じて入手するようにしてください。
    • 学生個人または第三者からの募集情報の請求には応じられません。
    • 質問事項はメール から問い合わせてください。
    • ■pt电子游戏_pt老虎机平台-下载*官网の学部情報はこちら(日本語サイト)
    • ■学部用シラバスはこちら(日本語サイト)
    • ■大学院用シラバスはこちら(日本語サイト)
  • Application Requirements/応募要件
    • Language requirements and conditions differ depending on the host school. We will send you “Annex” which shows “Conditions of Each School and Course for Receiving Exchange Students”, so please check the guidelines.
    • 本学では、受け入れ部局により、語学要件等が異なっております。
      1. で記載のInformation Sheetをお送りする際に各部局で規定されている条件を記載した表をお送りします。
  • Nomination Schedule at a Glance/交換留学受入に関するスケジュールの概略
  • Nomination Schedule at a Glance/交換留学受入に関するスケジュールの概略
  • Accommodation Information/住宅について
    • The host school will provide the accommodation information.
    • Kobe Campus for Commerce has on-campus dormitory, “Global House”
    • 【Requirements for Global House】
    • 1) English Proficiency
    • Applicants must prove that they have sufficient English language proficiency by submitting standardized exam results equivalent to the B1 level of the CEFR or higher.
    • 2) Applicants must understand and comply with the rules and regulations of Global House.
    • *Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited even if the students are over 20 years old.
    • 入寮案内
    • 【国際学生寮の入寮条件】
    • 1) 英語で日常会話ができる者。英語能力は、英検準1級程度を目安とし、最低でも英検2級/ CEFR B1 TOEFL iBT42等、GBC出願基準程度の実力があること。
    • 2) 国際学生寮の規程やルールを理解し、遵守できること。
    • Exchange students can apply for Global House,but in case of no vacancy,we will provide an off-campus apartment.
    • For other campuses, we will prepare off-campus apartments.
    • Fact Sheet

国際交流機構 事務局
所在地:神戸市西区学園西町8丁目2-1 神戸商科キャンパス i-Square1F 国際交流センター事務室